Model HQ-27

After 20 years of proven performance, the HQ-27 remains one of the most popular CB antennas on the market.  No other antenna in this price range can deliver the great range and tough, long lasting construction that the HQ-27 does.

Dollar for dollar, this antenna is an incredible value.  Only 55 inches tall, 3/8" X 24 threaded base.

Model FG-27SModel FG-27S

A slim coil and lower rod gives the FG-27S an understated appearance while providing excellent tuning and performance characteristics.  A versatile, reliable antenna which is an excellent choice for those who don't want an obvious CB antenna.

Model HQ-27MModel HQ-27M

A combination of two great Hustler products, the HQ-27 antenna and the HLM deluxe truck lip mount.

The  mount features a swivel ball to assure proper positioning of the antenna and includes a small breakaway connector for easy coax cable installation.  The antenna is 57 inches tall and includes 17 feet of coax.

Model RG-27Model RG-27

A mid-size center load design which offers a good compromise between size and performance.  Easily covers 40 channels with a good S.W.R.  The antenna is only 36 inches tall, 3/8" X 24 threaded base.